60 Years of Pioneering Wood Innovation

For six decades, Matimco has stood as a pioneer in the wood industry, forging a legacy defined by innovation, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship. From our humble beginnings, we have grown into the most trusted name in the wood industry, reshaping the landscape of construction and design with our sustainable and innovative solutions.

At the heart of our journey lies a dedication to pioneering wood innovation. From groundbreaking technologies to cutting-edge designs, we reflect our passion for fostering meaningful conversations about wood innovation. It is this commitment that has propelled us forward, driving us to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

As we mark our 60th anniversary, we celebrate not just a milestone but a testament to the enduring dedication that has fueled our journey. Matimco has been dedicated to shaping a sustainable and dynamic future for wood use. Here’s to 60 years of wood innovation, and to many more years of groundbreaking excellence ahead.

Matimco Expands Reach with Grand Opening of House of Wood Showroom in Fairview, Quezon City

Matimco, a trusted name in the wood industry, is proud to announce the grand opening of its newest House of Wood showroom in Fairview, Quezon City. This milestone opening not only marks Matimco’s 15th showroom nationwide but also signifies the company’s strategic plan to continue to expand and widen Matimco’s reachability. Matimco aims to bring exceptional wood solutions and elevate the premium wood shopping experience to the most populous city in the Philippines.


Now having 2 branches in Quezon City, Matimco fulfills one of its key objectives of establishing a strong presence in the “City of Stars”. Fairview, specifically, is a vibrant retail landscape with high-end developments making it a strategic location that provides an ideal setting for Matimcoto showcase its premium wood products and offer an unparalleled shopping experience to the discerning customers in the area.

The expansion of Matimco’s House of Wood showroom in Fairview not only signifies the company’s commitment to growth but also presents an opportunity to cater to high-end customers. By expanding its presence, Matimco can now reach a wider audience who appreciate the value of premium wood products. Matimco House of Wood Fairview is also the first showroom to introduce their new wood-inspired non-wood brand, Likewood. With the addition of the Likewood brand, Matimco is now also expanding its offerings to include wood-like non-wood products, further solidifying its position as the company that offers a wide range of home improvement products in the industry.

Engineered Timber Structures: Exploring the Potential of Glulam and Cross-Laminated Timber Technology

The United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) event, generously sponsored by Matimco, proved to be a remarkable occasion on November 3, 2023, at the Ayala Museum in Makati City. The highlight of the day was a captivating presentation by Engr. Anton Wanas, an esteemed expert hailing from Austria, titled “Engineered Timber Structures: Exploring the Potential of Glulam and Cross-Laminated Timber Technology in Shaping Future Buildings and Structures”. Engr. Wanas explored into the fascinating realm of engineered timber structures, unveiling the boundless potential of Glulam and cross-laminated timber technology in shaping the future of buildings and structures. His expertise and insights left the audience awestruck, offering a glimpse into how this innovative approach to construction can revolutionize the industry.

Timber, as emphasized throughout the event, holds a critical role in the sustainable future of construction. Its eco-friendly properties and renewable nature align perfectly with global efforts to combat climate change. From its low carbon footprint to the ability to sequester carbon, timber has emerged as a crucial component in constructing environmentally responsible buildings that ensure a greener, more sustainable future. The event highlighted the importance of timber in sustainable construction and underscored its potential to shape the future of the architectural landscape.

Popular Types of Doors and Where to use them

Door Types

Open your door to all types of doors!

They say that first impression lasts, and what better way to create a splendid first impression than to make your doors, “you”? Open yourself up to the endless possibilities and choices of doors. Knock three times as we explore the door that fits you the most.

May you be the type who wants a relaxing first impression, the type of person who wants a little jolt of surprise, or you want a stable, sturdy look, wood doors will always be the best choice for your home. Wood transcends time, style, even budget! While steadily doing its primary task, of opening your home to those who knocks.

So now that you are in charge, how do you choose which type of door to install in your home? 

Types of Wood Doors for Home Application

  • Solid Doors

For: Those who value strength and durability without sacrificing aesthetic.

This type of wood door is the most popular amongst Filipino household. Its material came from a single specie of wood, like an exotic and prized hardwood such as Mahogany, Narra, and Acacia or white softwood like Spruce, Pine or Douglas Fir. It is perfect for Main Door application due its natural, exotic beauty while ensuring strength and durability. Solid doors tend to have sound insulating properties and gives off a very secured feeling, thus some use it for their Master’s bedroom.


  • Authentic; comes from a single specie of exotic wood
    Nothing beats authentic. The timeless beauty of an exotic solid wood door will surely give a premium vibe to your home. 
  • It is a status symbol!
    Solid wood doors can be very expensive. It shows the ability to live a lavish lifestyle, indirectly showing your status and achievements. Imagine the look of your guests when they are being welcomed by your beautiful Mahogany Main Door in your next social gathering. 
  • It provides a sense of security.
    Solid doors are durable and can resist being kicked in or broken down. It also a good insulator of heat and cold, which makes it energy efficient. Lastly, it reduces noise or sound, making you safe and comfortable inside your home.


  • Price can go way up!
    If you want something as premium as this, be prepared for the cost. Solid Door prices range from Php 10,000 up to Php 25,000 depending on the specie of wood, thickness and design. Be wary of those cheap exotic solid wood doors you find somewhere else as these might came from illegal logging (not all!).
  • Timber used might come from our natural forests.
    Exotic solid doors are really expensive and its raw material (timber) takes a lifetime (70+ years) to mature. That is why more and more illegal loggers are going after our natural forests to harvest these wild and exotic wood for trading. While you might think that you got a great deal in buying an exotic wood door or furniture at a very low price, there’s a big chance that the timber used for your prized possession was harvested illegally, fueling more demand to cut more trees in our natural forest.


  • It needs regular maintenance
    For a beauty to last a lifetime (yes, some can last a very long time), it needs to be maintained regularly. Same is true for solid wood doors. Maintaining a solid wood door not only keeps its natural beauty, but also protects it from rotting or infestation.


  • Solid Engineered Doors

For: Buyers looking for top notch quality and versatile door at a better price

If you are looking for a door that offers most of the advantages of a solid wood door but is more budget friendly, then Solid Engineered Door is what you are looking for. Solid Engineered Door (or SED) is made of different wood specie that are combined to form a single component, and is covered with a hardwood veneer for a neat appearance. It is usually preferred for interior application (like bedroom doors) but can also perform well as a main door. SED are the popular choice among the home owners who put importance on security but still works within a range of budget.


  • It is sustainable
    Majority of solid engineered doors are made of timber harvested from tree plantations. Tree plantations are just like a regular farms, except that instead of fruits or vegetables, farmers plant alternative hardwood like Rubber wood, Durian and Falcata, among others (which grows faster vs. exotic wood species), to harvest as timber within 5 – 10 years. Talking about the future of sustainable logging!


  • It is paintable and stainable.
    Fun thing about solid engineered door is that it can be painted and stained according to your preference. You can paint it over with your favorite color (neon green, perhaps?) and still won’t feel any regret about doing so (try to do that on a solid wood door that costs Php 20,000).


  • It is budget friendly!
    The cost of a Solid Engineered Wood ranges from Php 3,900 up to Php 5,500 thanks to its sustainable materials. This makes the door ideal for home owners who want the best quality and value for their hard earned money.


  • It is not a Solid Door at the end of the day

Solid Engineered Doors are usually covered with hardwood veneers that, although neat looking, is still far from the beauty of a Solid Wood Door. To address this, some are using wood stains similar to the color of exotic wood species to mimic its premium feel.

  • Sanding the SED is a risky choice
    Some doors need to be sanded to preserve and maintain its beauty (or for some other cases, remove the topcoat containing paint). Since SEDs are using thin veneers, sanding it would remove the wood veneer, exposing the engineered door that lies underneath. So make up your mind before you put a paint on it, okay? 
  • Prime Moulded Door

For: Budget conscious buyers that value style

The popular choice for budget-friendly home renovations, Prime Moulded Doors are light, ready to paint doors that are usually seen in condos and low-cost housing. Unlike Solid Wood Doors or SEDs, Prime Moulded Doors are usually hollow (or with honeycomb in-filler cartons) and is supported with solid wood that acts as frame. 


  • Functional yet economical
    Prime Moulded Doors come with wide array of designs that compliment most of the interior home styles. Clean and versatile, these doors are ideal for any interior application (ex. kid’s room, utility room). Best of all, it is easy on the buyer, because it only ranges from Php 2,900 – Php 3,500 depending on size and type. 
  • DIY friendly and easy to install
    Prime Moulded Doors, as you guessed it right, has been painted white already. You may choose installing it immediately after purchase or customize it by painting it with another color. DIY installation is also possible because it is lightweight and can be easily lifted by one person.


  • It is not that durable
    Since it is hollow, one cannot expect the same strength that Solid Doors or SED can offer. You might be able to put some hooks and hang some clothes on it, though.
  • It is for interior application only
    Prime Moulded Doors performs best when installed away from any outdoor and water exposure. They do not thrive in outdoor applications as these doors are fragile in nature and can be destroyed by harsh weather or even with a force. 


  • Flush Door

For: Looking for a door that has the basic functions

Flush Doors are best known to be the most basic door in the Philippines. This low-cost, plain, and simple door is usually hollow inside with solid wood frames and is covered with either plywood or veneer. It offers a basic and flat design and is commonly used in low-cost residential buildings.


  • The most affordable door
    Flush Doors usually have a price tag of Php 1,500 – Php 2,000, making it an ideal door for low cost housing or for interior applications that require minimal security.

    Basic, minimalist design
    They say that simplicity is beauty, and flush doors offer just that. It is the dream design of any minimalist, but still allows its users to customize it through painting or staining.  

    Lightweight, easy to install

Due to its light weight, it can be easily be handled and requires minimal effort to install which makes it perfect for DIY installation.


  • It offers minimal security
    These doors are not ideal to use if you are into privacy and security as it allows sound to freely flow (remember, it is hollow). Also, its structure is not strong enough to withstand forces and weather. One punch from an adult may inflict an irreparable damage to the door.
  • It is difficult to repair
    Once it delaminates (due to exposure to weather or becomes frail because of age), it is hard or even more expensive to repair. Sometimes it is best to just buy a new flush door than to repair a delaminated flush door not only because it is cheaper but also much faster. In short, what you see is what you get.

While wood doors seem to be the perfect choice to any application in your home, remember that it also comes with disadvantages. Wood doors can be infested by termites, wood borers or it can even decay due to fungi. That is why it is really important to treat your wood doors before you install them. Some treatment includes brushing wood stains, oil, wax or varnish all over the door. While it provides protection, the treatment only touches the surface of the door, meaning the inner wood is still prone to infestation.

Good thing that there’s Matwood, a brand that offers treated wood doors using its patented double vacuum technology. By using the said technology, it forces the wood to absorb the wood treatment, providing protection that goes beyond the surface. What’s more interesting is that Matwood provides 10-year warranty against termites, wood borers and fungal decay, so you can be assured that your door is protected for the years to come.

We have unlocked the door for you, all you have to do is to open it wide! Take a look at Matwood’s treated doors (yes, they do have Mahogany Doors, too!) and other non-treated doors by checking our online store here.


A Delightful Christmas Celebration Starts at Home.

Nothing beats Christmas in the Philippines. Filipinos start celebrating Christmas as early as September (if it is a –ber month, it is Christmas already). You will lose count on how many times you’ve heard Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in our Hearts” and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” in a day. How about the family reunions where all of the family members (including the ones you barely even know) come together in one house to celebrate the holidays? Celebrations during this season will push your schedule to its limit, and before you know it, you will be hosting the next celebration in your own home! With all these parties going on, have you checked if your home is ready for such celebrations? Check your home for some possible repairs to avoid embarrassing inconveniences that your guests might experience. If you think that your home needs some renovation, here are some home improvement brands you can explore to make your home ready for the celebrations.

If your taste fits the classic, luxurious home that never goes out of style, Matwood is the best for you. Matwood offers a tasteful selection of treated and exotic wood doors, floors, and mouldings that perfectly complements your delightful lifestyle. As the only treated wood brand that uses patented double vacuum treatment process, Matwood guarantees you total wood protection (inside and out) for its products. Its 10-year warranty against termites, wood borers and fungal decay assures that your home will stay classy and sophisticated for the years to come.

Gudwood is your go-to brand if you are looking for quality wood products that won’t break the bank. May it be a door or floor tiles for your kitchen, living room or bedroom, Gudwood has the range of practical but stylish products that will fit your budget. If you are thinking of doing some DIY home renovation project this Christmas season, save yourself the headache and choose Gudwood.

If you are the type who likes organizing outdoor parties and is a nature-lover, Nuwood will compliment your taste. Nuwood is an innovative and green landscape material made from 90% recycled materials like PE plastic and wood. It has a natural wood surface yet it remains to be termite-proof, fire resistant and is virtually maintenance-free. Nuwood offers complete outdoor wood solutions from decks, claddings, stairs and fences that transform your outdoor living space into a picturesque destination. Can you imagine having your Christmas parties in your newly installed outdoor decks? I bet it’s going to be the center of any conversation!

Lastly, when you need framing products for your home renovation, Ecofor has the right product for you. Sourced from well-managed tree plantations in North America and Europe, Ecofor guarantees consistent and reliable quality framings made from top grade wood species that are widely used in countries like United States, Japan and Canada. You may choose from its variety of treated (Southern Yellow Pine or SYP) or untreated (Spruce-Fine-Fir or SPF) framing products. Since it is sourced sustainably, you are actually helping in protecting our environment and stop illegal loggers from cutting down more trees in our forest.

All these quality brands are brought to us by Matimco, the trusted wood authority for more than 55 years. Matimco offers an extensive line of wood products that will surely satisfy your home renovation needs, whatever budget you may have. To learn more about these products, you may visit Matimco Facebook page or drop by at any Matimco House of Wood showrooms (North Edsa, Ortigas, Makati, The Fort, Alabang,
Paranaque, Pampanga, Mandaue, Davao, Sta. Rosa).

Make your celebrations memorable with a home ready for the occasion. Make it more special by giving your home some upgrade and renovation. Remember that the gift of a beautiful home this Christmas is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your family. So go ahead, your home deserves that renovation and your family deserves a one of a kind celebration this Holiday season.

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