A Delightful Christmas Celebration Starts at Home.

Nothing beats Christmas in the Philippines. Filipinos start celebrating Christmas as early as September (if it is a –ber month, it is Christmas already). You will lose count on how many times you’ve heard Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in our Hearts” and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” in a day. How about the family reunions where all of the family members (including the ones you barely even know) come together in one house to celebrate the holidays? Celebrations during this season will push your schedule to its limit, and before you know it, you will be hosting the next celebration in your own home! With all these parties going on, have you checked if your home is ready for such celebrations? Check your home for some possible repairs to avoid embarrassing inconveniences that your guests might experience. If you think that your home needs some renovation, here are some home improvement brands you can explore to make your home ready for the celebrations.

If your taste fits the classic, luxurious home that never goes out of style, Matwood is the best for you. Matwood offers a tasteful selection of treated and exotic wood doors, floors, and mouldings that perfectly complements your delightful lifestyle. As the only treated wood brand that uses patented double vacuum treatment process, Matwood guarantees you total wood protection (inside and out) for its products. Its 10-year warranty against termites, wood borers and fungal decay assures that your home will stay classy and sophisticated for the years to come.

Gudwood is your go-to brand if you are looking for quality wood products that won’t break the bank. May it be a door or floor tiles for your kitchen, living room or bedroom, Gudwood has the range of practical but stylish products that will fit your budget. If you are thinking of doing some DIY home renovation project this Christmas season, save yourself the headache and choose Gudwood.

If you are the type who likes organizing outdoor parties and is a nature-lover, Nuwood will compliment your taste. Nuwood is an innovative and green landscape material made from 90% recycled materials like PE plastic and wood. It has a natural wood surface yet it remains to be termite-proof, fire resistant and is virtually maintenance-free. Nuwood offers complete outdoor wood solutions from decks, claddings, stairs and fences that transform your outdoor living space into a picturesque destination. Can you imagine having your Christmas parties in your newly installed outdoor decks? I bet it’s going to be the center of any conversation!

Lastly, when you need framing products for your home renovation, Ecofor has the right product for you. Sourced from well-managed tree plantations in North America and Europe, Ecofor guarantees consistent and reliable quality framings made from top grade wood species that are widely used in countries like United States, Japan and Canada. You may choose from its variety of treated (Southern Yellow Pine or SYP) or untreated (Spruce-Fine-Fir or SPF) framing products. Since it is sourced sustainably, you are actually helping in protecting our environment and stop illegal loggers from cutting down more trees in our forest.

All these quality brands are brought to us by Matimco, the trusted wood authority for more than 55 years. Matimco offers an extensive line of wood products that will surely satisfy your home renovation needs, whatever budget you may have. To learn more about these products, you may visit Matimco Facebook page or drop by at any Matimco House of Wood showrooms (North Edsa, Ortigas, Makati, The Fort, Alabang,
Paranaque, Pampanga, Mandaue, Davao, Sta. Rosa).

Make your celebrations memorable with a home ready for the occasion. Make it more special by giving your home some upgrade and renovation. Remember that the gift of a beautiful home this Christmas is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your family. So go ahead, your home deserves that renovation and your family deserves a one of a kind celebration this Holiday season.

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