Feel Wood. Feel Good. Unveiling Matimco’s first wood-inspired, non-wood brand

Matimco’s House of Wood showroom is now home to a remarkable introduction: Likewood, the first non-wood brand under the Matimco umbrella. Likewood brings to life a vision of wood-inspired alternatives that authentically replicate the timeless beauty of real wood, offering you a wide range of premium-quality options.

Introducing Likewood SPC Floors 2mm & 4mm: The newest addition to Matimco’s innovative product lineup, Likewood SPC Floors are carefully engineered to capture the natural appearance of wood, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic in a practical and budget-friendly way. These floors are more than just surfaces; they are a tactile experience that connects you to the warmth and elegance of real wood.

Feel Wood. Feel Good: Experience the warmth and natural beauty of Likewood Accent Panels for your walls and ceilings. Designed to perfectly mimic the look of real wood, these panels allow you to infuse your spaces with the inviting charm of wood, but with the practicality and durability of non-wood materials.

Likewood Accent WPC Fluted Panels 3F & 4F: These panels are crafted from a blend of wood and plastic composite materials, offering a balance between authenticity and resilience. They bring the essence of wood to your interiors, elevating the atmosphere with their distinctive, textured appearance.

Likewood Accent Flat PVC Ceiling Panels: For those seeking a low-maintenance option, these panels are made from PVC, making them easy to clean and maintain. They retain the look of real wood without the upkeep, providing a hassle-free way to enjoy the beauty of wood on your ceilings.

Choose from a range of likable shades, including Maple, Golden Mahogany, and Dark Walnut, to find the perfect match for your interior. These options allow you to personalize your living spaces according to your unique style and preferences, making it easier than ever to achieve the look you desire.

At Matimco’s House of Wood showrooms, Likewood takes center stage, representing a bold step towards diversifying the world of wood-inspired design. It’s not just about replicating the appearance of wood; it’s about making wood-inspired design accessible, practical, and delightful for all. This brand launch is a testament to Matimco’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that adapt to your evolving needs while preserving the timeless beauty of wood.


Matimco and Ayala Collaborate to Showcase Juan Luna’s Legacy

In a remarkable turn of events, the lost masterpiece of renowned artist Juan Luna, “Hymen O Hymenee” (1887), has been rediscovered after being missing for an astounding 132 years. Once relegated to mere rumors and faded memories, the painting has finally resurfaced, unveiling a significant piece of art history.

Recognizing the significance of this extraordinary find, Matimco has partnered with Ayala to pay homage to Luna’s genius and give the painting the recognition it deserves. 

Stepping into Léon Gallery, visitors are transported into a world where Juan Luna’s creative brilliance and profound emotions come to life. The painting, lovingly restored, now takes center stage in a well-built home for meticulously curated artworks.

To complement the grandeur of Luna’s work, we have provided its Treated Engineered Floors from the Matwood collection at Léon Gallery. Like Luna’s enduring masterpiece, stands the test of time, preserving and celebrating the artistic legacy of our nation. Our very own, Matwood exquisite floors reveal their true elegance, serving as a backdrop that accentuates the beauty and significance of Juan Luna’s artistic vision.

Our partnership with Ayala not only breathes new life into Luna’s lost painting but also demonstrates a shared commitment to preserving our cultural heritage.

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