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Start with your foundation, make a statement with
exquisite wood floors.


1. Regular Maintenance
A regular dusting using a dry microfiber cloth or a dry microfibre wheel will do the job. You may also use a floor solution. For a more thorough cleaning session, a good vacuum will help pick up the hard-to-see dust and debris that may be lurking.

2. Treating Spillages and Avoiding Excessive Water
To avoid your floors from being wet, we strongly advise against fitting these types of flooring in your bathroom or kitchen area. In case spillage happens, attend to it as quickly as possible. You may use a dry microfiber mop (spray mop), as it absorbs moisture more efficiently compared to using a regular string head mop. You may not want to drip the water across your flooring.

3. Protect From Excessive Sunlight
Excessive sunlight can cause fading and discoloration of hardwood floors. It is important to ensure that your solid wood is not overexposed.

4. Prevent Scratches
All wood floorings are susceptible to scratches. Although some people think that scratches add to the character of the wood, as much as possible, we still want to prevent it.

  • Take caution – Particularly important when cleaning, avoid the use of abrasive materials such as steel wool and scouring pads.
  • Extra protection – Using felt pads is a cost-effective way of softening the impact of furniture on your solid wood flooring. It prevents the build-up of friction or accidental damage when moving.
  • Use a wood floor wax – An appropriate wood floor wax reduces the appearance of any scuffs or scratches, as well as it gives your flooring added protection.


Matwood Solid Southern African Narra 18mm

Matwood Designer Series European Oak Herringbone 15mm

Matwood Exotics Faro 9mm

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