Open the Door to the World of Personalization

Open the Door to the World of Personalization

Personalize your doors!

Elizabeth Broun, former Director of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C., once said that “art is not always about pretty things, it is about who we are, what happened to us”. Such adage sums up, pretty much, the current trend of interior design personalization. It puts forward the great need for our houses to reflect who we are, as owners.

Imagine adding pieces from trips around the world. What about our own artworks that reflect our view of the world? Different design elements in houses are cues to who the house owner is. But, one thing that a lot of homeowners and interior designers least put attention to is our doors.

The door opens up the entire house to guests, make sure to make it stand out!

The first thing that welcomes anybody to space is the door. It should be the first thing to personalize! It would be best that you show the real you, through your house, and leave everyone in awe. To make it happen, here are the things to consider, to make sure it happens:

  1. Design

The design of the door greatly depends on the entire mood of the house and the intent of which item within the space is to be the centerpiece. There are a lot of choices for the design.

Modern and contemporary interior designs can go for elaborate designs or extremely minimalist. Scandinavian interiors that prefer free-flowing interior, often opt for either the classic or basic design doors, thus creating a more lightweight feel. There are so many design elements within the space that we should take into consideration, thus asking yourself, should we go for clean lines or the classic door designs, so much to think about!

With the plethora of designs in the market, personalization is definitely achievable.

  1. Material

Always go for something reliable! Wood!

Wooden doors are extremely classic while providing the features that you need from a door in itself. It is sturdy, has a variety of designs, and will always be classy. With a material that is very durable but is also very flexible, it is easy to personalize your space.

Talk about personalizing, a choice between the solid door to solid engineered doors is the next decision point. Solid doors are normally suggested for entrance doors. It creates a majestic, dramatic feel, once a person is entering the house. Imagine a study, solid classical-styled door, welcoming you! Isn’t it majestic?

For bedrooms, there are other choices that are friendlier to the budget but still gives a luxurious feel. Choices in the market are almost endless.

  1. Source of Wood Products

It is very important, that as we try to own our space, we become very cautious of our surroundings. As we try to improve the look of our house, we make sure that the materials used are ethically sourced, especially for the wood products that we use, like in the door.

Wouldn’t you feel proud that you are using products that are only sourced from tree plantations that follow strict measures to ensure that we are not harming Mother Earth, while making our space beautiful?

  1. Wood Treatment and Warranty

Anything we put inside our houses should last, that is the primary rule. That is why we try to put as much resources into sourcing the best products in the market. The same goes for doors. It is important that when wooden doors are bought, they have undergone treatments that would stretch its lifespan.

Matwood Doors does just that. Matwood uses double vacuum technology for total wood protection against Termites, Marine Borer, and Decay Fungi. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, so you are assured that what you invested on, will last long.

  1. Color

One thing that is greatly neglected when it comes to doors is their color. A lot of homeowners opt for the default door colors. When in fact, one can be very adventurous when it comes to the colors of the doors.

Good thing, House of Wood offers Color Customization for Matwood Classic Contemporary Door and Gudwood Solid Engineered Door. For an additional cost of 1,500, one can now choose from 5 colors that suit their space. They can choose among:

  • Burnt Siena
  • Burnt Amber
  • Walnut
  • Teak
  • Oak

Oak is perfect for those who are opting for a more light-colored space, leaning towards Scandinavian. For those looking for colors that lean toward browns and reds, Burnt Siena and Teak are perfect. For a seamless natural color that complements earth tones, Burnt Amber or Walnut is the right color.

On top of colors that are available, Matwood has wide variety of designs you can choose from, talk about fitting your personality! From solid doors to engineered doors, you are covered. All of which are treated to ensure longevity of the product, and are source ethically.

In the world that demands to see the real us, always make sure that your house speaks who you are. Personalize your interior, including your doors. Achieve it with House of Woods and Matwood. Check this link to know the nearest Matimco House of Wood store in your location.

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