Interior Design Trends We’ll Be Seeing More of This Year

Interior Design Trends We’ll Be Seeing More of This Year

2021 Interior Design Trends

This year might feel like it’s an extension of 2020, but it still provides us an opportunity to give your homes a fresh new look. Let’s take a look at interior design trends we’ll be seeing more of this year.

Elevated outdoor spaces

The global pandemic has changed the way we work and connect with our friends and family. With current health protocols requiring open spaces and socially distanced get-togethers, property owners will be taking advantage of their balconies, terraces and rooftops to create a setting for small, intimate gatherings. Protect your outdoor areas from the elements with Nuwood outdoor cladding and decking.

Warm, earthy tones

With the chaos and uncertainty of the previous year, interior designers believe property owners will seek the calming effect of neutral color palettes. These soothe the senses and exude a feeling of serenity.

This color trend extends not only to home décor but also to the choice of flooring. The Matwood Solid Floor line comes in rich browns, which gives spaces a warm and welcoming ambiance. Like fine wine, these easy-to-install floor panels just keep getting better through the years with proper and regular maintenance.

Luxurious bedroom interiors

This year, property owners will want to elevate their bedrooms with touches of luxury, giving it the sumptuousness of a boutique hotel. Think statement headboards, subtle lighting, rich fabrics, and premium wood.

Classic, timeless and sophisticated, give your bedroom the statement entrance it deserves with Matwood’s Signature Classic Contemporary Doors. Made from mixed plantation hardwood, choose from 12 designs inspired by some of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities. Matwood’s patented double vacuum treatment provides complete wood protection, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

The home office takes the center stage

Remote work will be here to stay even if businesses reopen. As such, having a home office is now essential. If renovations are not in the plans, consider converting a guest room or a cozy corner of your living room (preferably an area close to a window so natural light can come through) as a home office.

Nature-inspired elements

If we could not commune with nature for the time being, why not bring it indoors? Home décor in organic shapes and textures, botanic-inspired art, natural fibers (rattan, abaca, grass), and wood.

Property owners are also becoming more mindful of the pieces they purchase for their home. They want to make sure materials are ethically sourced and are sustainable.

Matwood sources its wood from sustainably farmed tree plantations, minimizing its impact on the environment. More than 90% of every tree is utilized and pieces can be reclaimed and reused.

Gallery Walls

The gallery wall is not going anywhere anytime soon. Frame family photos, artworks, and keepsakes in a mix of metal and wooden frames in different sizes and styles to add character to your gallery wall and your home as well.

This year, give your home the warmth and elegance only natural wood can give. From sophisticated floor treatments to timeless doors and more, Matwood can help bring to life your dream home.

Matimco wood products are engineered to surpass stringent construction industry standards. As an environment advocate Matimco ensure to distribute wood products from suppliers who share the same sustainable and responsible ideals for wood sourcing.

Matimco’s flagship brand, Matwood, is known for quality architectural finishing materials for interior applications. Its patented double-vacuum treatment allows total wood protection against termites, wood borers and fungal decay.Visit to learn more.



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