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With Matwood positioned to make a mark by adding new products to its premium wood product lines, additional product knowledge will also be available for our valued customers to learn. Among the new products that Matwood is launching this year is the Artisan Parquet Floor. The Artisan Parquet Floor is a treated wood floor that highlights unique and versatile patterns that make your space a masterpiece. Like other Matwood products, the Artisan Parquet Floor doesn’t just offer beauty and style to your space, but it is also a quality wood product that can transcend time with its beauty, style, and durability. But how can we maintain the elegance of these wooden floors? What are the dos and don’ts of taking care of your Artisan Parquet Floor?

1.Regular Maintenance

Regular dusting using a dry microfiber cloth or a dry microfiber wheel will do the job. You may also use a damp rag. For a more thorough cleaning session, a good vacuum will help pick up the hard-to-see dust and debris that may be lurking.

2.Treating Spillages and Avoiding Excessive Water

To avoid  wet, we strongly advise against fitting these types of flooring in your bathroom or kitchen area. In case spillage happens, attend to it as quickly as possible. You may use a dry microfiber mop (spray mop), as it absorbs moisture more efficiently compared to using a regular string head mop. You may not want to drip the water across your flooring.

3.Protect From Excessive Sunlight

Excessive sunlight can cause fading and discoloration of hardwood floors. It is important to ensure that your solid wood is not overexposed.

4.Prevent Scratches

All wood floorings are susceptible to scratches. Although some people think that scratches add to the character of the wood, as much as possible, we still want to prevent it.

  • Take caution – Particularly important when cleaning, avoid the use of abrasive materials such as steel wool and scouring pads.
  • Extra protection – Using felt pads is a cost-effective way of softening the impact of furniture on your solid wood flooring. It prevents the build-up of friction or accidental damage when moving.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your Artisan Parquet Floor retains its elegance and longevity. At Matwood, we are committed to providing not only premium wood products but also the knowledge and support needed to maintain their beauty and functionality over time. Your Artisan Parquet Floor is an investment in style and quality, and with proper care, it will continue to be a stunning feature in your home for years to come. Visit the nearest Matimco House of Wood to learn more about the Matwood Artisan Parquet Floor.

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