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Be inspired by images of houses that used Matwood.

art deco

With lines and geometry as the focus of the design aesthetic, Art Deco is a sensual exploration of order and symmetry. An Art Deco house is mostly seen to have angular patterns, layered designs, and bold curves that exemplify the play on form. This design aesthetic is also very much into the play on textures, from lacquered wood to mirrored elements.


Beams, columns, pipes, and flanges are brought to the fore by the Industrial style of interior design. This design celebrates the modernist eye for efficiency and functionality by not shying away from weight or roughness, embracing worn, recycled, and salvaged items, making them its primary aesthetic.


Mediterranean homes are very much inspired by houses in Spain, Greece and Italy. These houses feature arches, columns and interior balconies with rich wood tones and ornate features. A free flowing sensibility surrounds these spaces whose color palette resembles that of the sky and sea, while incorporating warm hues like yellow and the likes.


Mid-century style homes have a breezy and seamless flow. They’ve always encouraged indoor-outdoor living. For this reason, sliding doors and picture windows are left bare to emphasize the connection to nature. Rich and luxurious wood varieties such as teak, rosewood, and walnut are regularly used. In addition, accents of mustard yellow, chartreuse, or avocado are used for a pop of color. The mid-century revival we’re seeing in today’s design industry makes this popular interior design style more achievable than ever


Minimalist interior designs express the driving concepts of modernism with an almost puritanical palette, stripping things down to their basics. This design aesthetic relies on efficiency of the design. it is devoid of clutter and is streamlined to maximize bold visual impact. It is also described to have a lot of natural light paired with repetition to create light and dynamic interiors


Neoclassical architecture is all about simplicity in geometric forms with a certain level of grandeur and scale. It is inspired by the Rococo style that has Greek—especially Doric — or Roman detail with a dramatic use of columns, and a preference for blank walls.


Light, airy, and organic. Scandinavian design is probably one of the most recognizable interior design aesthetics out there. Scandinavian spaces give off a very relaxing vibe due to their almost washed out color palette. The love for light has extended to the need for white walls, large mirrors, and cozy textiles that are mostly layered for that perfect cozy look.


Imagine an endless summer, beaches, lush jungles, and the exciting vibrant palette of the woodlands. These are the words to associate with tropical houses. Interiors are dominated by turquoise and blue, with beautiful bursts of pinks, purples, and oranges in decorative items and textiles. The presence of wood elements, including bamboo and rattan, is very much welcome in these kinds of spaces


Bringing Japanese sensibility to life, Asian Zen style is all about balance, harmony, and consideration. Spaces inspired by Asian Zen are less occupied, just like minimalism, but incorporates Japanese or more Asian touches. Asian Zen-inspired houses’ palette is predominantly organic, meaning with mood and natural tones, using fabrics and materials that are nature-inspired. Colors need to be soft and natural, with continuity and balance of surfaces and spaces, with no tolerance for frill and flippancy


As fluid as the flow of nature, the contemporary style of interior design is greatly in favor of the modern take on Mid-Century aesthetic. It is characterized by warm tones, and cozy spaces that are a lot more fluid and instinctive in the making. Contemporary interiors are often described with a great deal of visual indulgence but with consideration of functionality and efficiency, This design trend is a take on a modernist aesthetic but balancing it with a well-rounded approach to interior design.


Country is cottage, and cottage is country. This design aesthetic is deeply rooted in the love for wood, pottery, and a host organic materials, giving such a rustic and organic vibe to the space. Interiors are mostly accentuated with wood and muted colors to create a feel that is very much away from the city.


Unafraid to break the rules – this is what an eclectic home looks and feels like. It personifies individuality and freedom, harmonizing a plethora of ideas and inspiration to create a space that is direct and bold. This design aesthetic comes with a lot of variation and layering, and is oftentimes, a design chaos with a sense of composition, balance, and materiality

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