inspiration area

Be inspired by images of houses that used Matwood.


The DOOR is the face of our home. Not only does it provides security, safety, and privacy for our family, but it also shows the owner’s lifestyle. The door is a reflection of the owner’s personality.


The FLOOR controls how a room will look and feel like.  Floors take up the biggest space in the estate. Apart from its command in the design, it dictates the long term value of your property. If you want your room to make a statement, say it with your flooring.

framing, stairs and panels

Stairs are not functional in nature but can sometimes be a good focal point in the home. A well-built one with a design that is made to stand out, is a sure way to create the feel you want.

mouldings, panels and framings

Mouldings are accents that add personality to any living space. While its purpose is to hide transitions between surfaces of the room, its unique patterns and applications give life to a blank canvass.

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