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About Us

Our passion for wood established our name in the Philippine construction industry since 1964.

Our products increase the value of Filipino homes and also nurture the environment.

Driven by integrity, excellence, and innovation for more than five decades, we are confident in owning the wood as our own.


The History of Matimco

Scroll through more than 50 years of dedication


Humble Beginnings

Mr. Lim Liu starts the Mandaue Timber Company to provide wooden crates to beverage companies in Cebu.


Technology Embraced

The company enters into subcontracting for major lumber exporters while developing and introducing the kiln-dried wood processing to the market.


Passion Bears a Name

As business flourished, Mandaue Timber Company became Matimco, Inc.


To the New Frontier

Matimco CEO Alfredo Go acquires Kingsway Enterprises Corporation to establish its presence in Luzon.


Getting into lifestyle

Matimco Inc. starts the production of mouldings, flooring, doors, and other processed wood products.


A Market Leader Emerges

A technology partnership with Solignum ensued that also marks the birth of MATWOOD, the first treated wood brand that sets the bar for quality solid wood in the country.


Setting the Bar High

Matimco becomes the first and only local wood processing & treatment company to receive ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certification


Going Outdoors

Matimco partners with Osmose to develop a treated wood made for outdoors.


Matimco Goes Green

Matimco becomes one of the founding members of the Philippine Green Building Council, an organization promoting environmental friendly building construction.


World Class Technology Brought Home

In partnership with foreign companies, Matimco launches TRUSSWOOD – the country’s premier brand for treated, high-performance, structural building timber trusses.


A Greener Innovation

Matimco launches two brands: MUZU, the fine bamboo line of floors, furniture, outdoor decks and NUWOOD, an innovative landscape material made of wood and plastic technology.


Further Expansion

The first Matimco House of Wood opens to accommodate wood enthusiasts.


World Class Technology Brought Home

In its 50th year, Matimco has revitalized its leading interior architecture brands by releasing 50 new and innovative wood products housed in their respective brands.

Along with this, four new Matimco House of Wood showrooms have been opened covering strategic locations nationwide.

Our Vision

To be the country's best, largest and most trusted wood company.

Our Purpose

Matimco aims to advocate the culture of wood use in the Philippines through our relevant and innovative services.

Our Core Values


We work honestly.


We are productive individuals excelling as a team.


We are innovative in what we do and sell.


Performance is what binds us all together it is our common language.

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