CONEXplore Matimco 2024

Matimco Inc., joined CONEX 2024 from April 18 to 20, 2024 at SMX Convention Center Manila. Be among the first to catch a glimpse of our newest innovative products. Matimco, Inc. recently made a significant mark in the industry by participating in the highly anticipated CONEX Convention 2024. This prestigious event served as a platform for Matimco to unveil its latest offering: the Matwood Premium product 

line. Among the highlights were the Matwood Alta Doors, Matwood Artisan Parquet Floors crafted from real exotic wood veneer, Puzzle Oak Engineered Floors, and the exquisite Matwood Exotic Fluted Panels made from 100% exotic hardwood Narra species.

Moreover, Matimco introduced an exciting addition to their booth, a state-of-the-art Wood Visualizer. This innovative digital integration allowed our clients to customize their designs and personal spaces using Matimco products, providing a unique and interactive experience.


     This incorporation of advanced technology not only demonstrated Matimco’s commitment to embracing innovation but also showcased its dedication to enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. “The Matimco booth at the convention attracted a plethora of exhibitors, architects, and engineers, all keen to witness firsthand the innovation of Matimco’s newest product offerings. This exhibit not just displayed Matimco’s commitment to excellence but also reinforced its position as an industry leader dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its customers.”

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